Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Nones and Dones, help rescue the world

Hello Nones-Dones (Religion checked None or Done with Religion) and those who are joining us,

Let me tell you a story of the non-God. A Googolplex ((10**(10**100)) is the highest number that we can imagine that is less than Infinity, and you might say that is the replacement for God. (Google would like that!) The evidence of science conjectures that once upon a time a point the size of a fraction with a Googolplex as a denominator suddenly became our universe consisting of matter and energy (light and dark matter) in an event that had a probability of occurring equal to a number like a Googolplex. (Note: It is important that we do not use the term Infinity because in Infinity, nothing exists: the "chicken" or the "egg" cancel each other out.)

Perhaps the existence of our organic life shares a similar probability of occurring, unless we find that aliens exist. Then we would have a Googolplex of alien cousins!

Like Einstein we desperately believe that "God does not play dice with the universe," but is there any proof that shows this to be true? On the other hand, Quantum mechanics proves that probability rules. Religious Faith, that requires 'the purposeful suspension of critical thinking', is not going to save us from annihilation and neither will probability.

Clearly, the statement that God does not exist has to be the first step towards positive action. Thus, rather than relying on God to save us from our self-inflicted destruction, we would have the freedom to imagine a society that works together for a common good. Perhaps God would be embodied in such a society, if it were not entangled by laws, money, and selfish actions.

To do so, requires the answers to such questions as: Is the will-to-do-good innate within us? Is it possible to have faith in humankind? Is it possible for the rule of law to be just? Can love be separated from self-love?

Now is the time to grow up and leave 'the house many mansions' of our Father-Mother in the sky that has trapped us. The 'free will of God' is just a license to commit all sorts of atrocities in His/Her Name. It is time to be accountable to yourself and your own conscience!

We have to stop empowering a few narcissistic personalities, who have used our apathy and the desire of future riches to enslave us. Yet, we must avoid being carried away by those 'isms', like communism or socialism or populism that have failed before. Blind religious belief, technological mind control (commercials) and the fear of physical punishment is so yesterday.

Do we dare to imagine a world where peace and love prevail? Can we restore hope in a future? Let's try!

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