Friday, July 27, 2012

Double entendre

Don't you hate it when every time you use a word, you have to avoid it for fear that it will offend someone or cause them to snicker because it has some sexual connotation.

When I was just an adolescent, my father explained to me that a bolt had a male screw and a female nut. It was almost more of a shock that the "birds and bees" talk. I have always thought this concept disgusting to devalue the sexual act by naming screw and nuts after it. Now, of course, there is the expression "to screw someone" so there is no hope of stopping the naming. Nuts and bolts could have just been defined as clockwise or counterclockwise then I suppose everyone could be "clockwising someone" or "counterclockwising" if gay. And there goes another lost word. When singing "Deck the Halls", "Here we don our gay apparel" is sure to cause a snicker.

This brings me to the word "double entendre": "a word or expression capable of two interpretations with one usually risqué." It was not always the only meaning as it used to mean: "ambiguity of meaning arising from language that lends itself to more than one interpretation. "Alas, as they say, even that word is "in the toilet." And so it goes that the four-letter curse word used to describe the sexual act is equally as popular as the four-letter word used to describe "going to the toilet." Since these words are interchangeable, we now have the beautiful sexual experience related to a toilet and perhaps this is what makes anal sex so popular for heterosexual partners on pornographic sites.

Aside from the actual sexual act which is satisfying and beautiful, sexual energy itself is an extremely powerful force that helps a person to reach a higher vibrational state. It is for this reason that celibacy became so important in monasteries. However, this policy of celibacy engenders a suppression of the sexual energy, which is even detrimental to a person. The correct method for celibacy should be the encouragement of sexual energy and the avoidance of the act itself. This, of course, was the spiritual ecstasy that used to be so common and the concept of "the bride of Christ".

Since living inside a monastery is not the typical environment, it is still important to practice the sustaining and encouragement of sexual energy outside of the sexual act itself. This is why flirting creates so much energy, but its scope is too narrow. It is also fun to be at a nude beach for the same reason provided one is not hounded by perverts.

The worst possible thing that can be done is to look for sexual connotation in all words and situations because this merely drains the sexual energy as the brain becomes unfocused. Incidentally, one can always spot a bad sex life by the amount of sexual innuendo that they use because by the time they do the sex act they are drained.

So let me end this tirade on double entendre to invite you to listen to the song I wrote and made into video called Double entendre that cherishes the positive meanings in our language.

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