Tuesday, December 18, 2012

End of the world December 21, 2012?

If that were only true, I think many would welcome the end of the world on Friday December 21. The real question is how would the Mayan's know this?

On November 8, 1519, the Aztec leader Montezuma met Cortés on the causeway leading into Tenochtitlan and the two leaders exchanged gifts. Montezuma gave Cortés the gift of an Aztec calendar, one disc of crafted gold and another of silver. (Wikipedia)

Clearly, the Aztec Calendar, which was derived from the Mayan Calendar, was partly responsible for Montezuma's defeat because of the superstitions associated with it. At that time the Mayan Empire was merely a shadow of their once great empire. None of this decline was predicted from their calendar.

Christianity had its own prediction of the end of the world in 64 CE (AD) and Nero used it to his advantage after the great fire in Rome to kill Peter and Paul and ruthlessly kill and torture Christians. See my book: 'The Seven Sisters and the Apocalypse'.
Calendar predictions are dangerous because they prey on the masses, who want things to be better and yet they do not accept that they could get worse! The annoying characteristic of change is that it can possibly take lifetimes to manifest. Who wants to wait for the joining of all races into a global truly democratic peace?

Thus when the aliens land and offer us their help on Friday December 21, many will accept them with open arms. Yet, they may really have intentions to destroy us all. Our defeat will be due to the Mayan Calendar or as people are saying an Obama Apocalypse.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

King Arthur Flour

"Google has gone mad", I shout.

I type in King Arthur and there are pages and pages of King Arthur Flour. I see that the King Arthur Flour company has paid for placement at the top of the search, but clearly they are also paying a placement expert to load pages and pages of King Arthur Flour and Google is obviously favoring them, also, to make more money.

Now I ask you, King Arthur Flour Company, "How many people type in King Arthur and are overjoyed to find King Arthur Flour?" In all my research on King Arthur, I did not find one connection with King Arthur and flour.

How sad it is for the King Arthur legend to be reduced to flour! The commercializing of the internet has succeeded! People believe that they can get rich quick by collecting pennies in return for stuffing commercials down our throats. All information is fast becoming overlaid and surrounded and obscured by empty commercials.

So let us make some Gingerbread Cookies in the shape of King Arthur and set them out on a Round Table and say goodbye to King Arthur, buried by Google in a pile of white flour, to be eventually blown to the wind.

In case you were actually looking for information on King Arthur,
please go to my site: "http://www.kingarthur.justwizard.com"
or to my site on Celtic Christianity "http://www.celticchristianity.infinitesoulutions.com"

Sorry for my ads there, but at least it is not King Arthur Flour, but real information on King Arthur.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

VLC 2.03 does not get past country codes any more

Just a brief note to say that VideoLan must have had to fold to the big money grubbers that want to make us buy a DVD for every country code. I downloaded VLC 2.0.3 and to my horror A Series of Unfortunate Events became just that. It was my copy from the USA and it would not play on my UK computer. I was sure that it used to play on VideoLan so I backed out VLC 2.0.3 and installed VLC Media Player 1.11.1 from oldversion.com (thank you for being there!). Back in business: my old Videolan beats the money grubbers and plays all countries again.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Double entendre

Don't you hate it when every time you use a word, you have to avoid it for fear that it will offend someone or cause them to snicker because it has some sexual connotation.

When I was just an adolescent, my father explained to me that a bolt had a male screw and a female nut. It was almost more of a shock that the "birds and bees" talk. I have always thought this concept disgusting to devalue the sexual act by naming screw and nuts after it. Now, of course, there is the expression "to screw someone" so there is no hope of stopping the naming. Nuts and bolts could have just been defined as clockwise or counterclockwise then I suppose everyone could be "clockwising someone" or "counterclockwising" if gay. And there goes another lost word. When singing "Deck the Halls", "Here we don our gay apparel" is sure to cause a snicker.

This brings me to the word "double entendre": "a word or expression capable of two interpretations with one usually risqué." It was not always the only meaning as it used to mean: "ambiguity of meaning arising from language that lends itself to more than one interpretation. "Alas, as they say, even that word is "in the toilet." And so it goes that the four-letter curse word used to describe the sexual act is equally as popular as the four-letter word used to describe "going to the toilet." Since these words are interchangeable, we now have the beautiful sexual experience related to a toilet and perhaps this is what makes anal sex so popular for heterosexual partners on pornographic sites.

Aside from the actual sexual act which is satisfying and beautiful, sexual energy itself is an extremely powerful force that helps a person to reach a higher vibrational state. It is for this reason that celibacy became so important in monasteries. However, this policy of celibacy engenders a suppression of the sexual energy, which is even detrimental to a person. The correct method for celibacy should be the encouragement of sexual energy and the avoidance of the act itself. This, of course, was the spiritual ecstasy that used to be so common and the concept of "the bride of Christ".

Since living inside a monastery is not the typical environment, it is still important to practice the sustaining and encouragement of sexual energy outside of the sexual act itself. This is why flirting creates so much energy, but its scope is too narrow. It is also fun to be at a nude beach for the same reason provided one is not hounded by perverts.

The worst possible thing that can be done is to look for sexual connotation in all words and situations because this merely drains the sexual energy as the brain becomes unfocused. Incidentally, one can always spot a bad sex life by the amount of sexual innuendo that they use because by the time they do the sex act they are drained.

So let me end this tirade on double entendre to invite you to listen to the song I wrote and made into video called Double entendre that cherishes the positive meanings in our language.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Obama and Romney and the Apocalypse

In this year of the Apocalypse 2012, there is a significant Presidential election between the first black President (Baruch Obama) and a Mormon candidate for President (Mitt Romney). Although one might dismiss this election as merely the asserting of the democratic principle of the equality of 'race, color, and creed' or the recurring battle of poor versus rich, it has a greater significance because it is occurring in this year when the long count of the Mayan Calendar runs out on December 21, 2012.

Given that either side could characterize the other as the 'anti-Christ' who is prophesied to precede the Second Coming of Christ, it is extremely important to look at the religious beliefs of these two candidates in respect to how their Christian or Mormon views relate to the Resurrection of the Dead, the Rapture, the Tribulation, Millennialism, the Last Judgement, and the New Heaven and New Earth at the End of the World.

The official name for Mormonism is the Church of the Latter Day Saints. The term 'later day saints' distinguishes its members from the traditional Christian saints implying that all members are saints! This is an important factor because it gives all Mormons priority in the Resurrection of the Dead. Although Mormons do allow non-Mormons, who perform good works, to participate in the Resurrection; a fact, that is subtlety hidden, requires them to convert in the afterlife.

Some like to claim that Mormonism is a form of Christianity because it recognizes Jesus and the Prophets, but considering that Islam also recognizes Jesus and the Prophets, this cannot be enough. Actually, the origins Mormonism and Islam have striking similar parallels: the angel Moroni (who sits atop the LDS Churches) showed the Book of Mormon to John Smith Jr., the founder of Mormonism and, in a direct parallel, the angel Gabriel revealed the Qur'an to the prophet Muhammad, the founder of Islam. The Book of Mormon is the superior text to the Bible, just as the Koran is the superior text to the Old Testament.

If Mormonism is accepted as Christianity then John Smith must be accepted as a Prophet, and by the same logic, Mohammed might as well be accepted also. This would be a totally ecumenical event! Thus clearly, the Church of the Latter Day Saints is NOT Christian.

Ridiculously, some have called Baruch Obama a Muslim, especially from the confusion of his name with Osami (who he has now caught and killed), but he is clearly a professed Christian. Given the choice of first position at the Last Judgment, I will vote for Baruch Obama. Whether or not Christians will accept me is another issue, but it is preferable to a successor of John Smith, Jr.

The real Apocalypse is discussed in my book: 'The Seven Sisters and the Apocalypse.'

Saturday, April 14, 2012

The secret path to God: Twenty-third Psalm and Lord's Prayer

Many years ago I was amazed to find that many of the great spiritual works: The Twenty-third Psalm, The Lord's Prayer, the ten Beatitudes, Buddha's Eightfold Path, Hermes' Kybalion, the Essene Book of Moses, the Ten Commandments, and Genesis creation were all laid out according to the Law of Seven.
In respect to the Twenty-third Psalm and the Lord's Prayer, it was even possible to find that one of the verses was out of order in the Lord’s Prayer.
The correct order of each is as follows, using ‘The Lord is my Shepherd’ order (note that the order is God to man/woman):

1. ‘higher ‘do’
'The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.'
'Our Father which art in heaven. Hallowed be thy name.'

2. ‘ti’
'He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul:'
'Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven'

3. ‘la’
'He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake. Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death. I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.'
'Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil'

4. ‘sol’
'Thou prepareth a table before me'
'Give us this day our daily bread.'

5. ‘fa’
'In the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil'
'And forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors.'

You will note that I have taken the verse in the Lord’s Prayer about ‘temptation’ and placed it above ‘daily bread’. However, look at the amazing correspondence because now ‘prepareth a table’ matches with ‘daily bread’! Also when the Twenty-third Psalm verse is cut after ‘before me’ and placed in front of ‘anointest my head with oil’, there is more sense in the phrase which shows that when confronted on the battlefield with the enemy one is the victor and is crowned king. This then matches perfectly with ‘forgive us our debts/trespasses’, representing the ‘Golden Rule’ of ‘turning the other cheek’ or in Buddhism ‘harmlessness’.

And thus we have the method of spiritual growth from item 5 to item one with 5 and 4 being the growth of Spirit and 3 and 2 being the Soul and then being reunited with God at 1.

Magnetic Disturbance(3x3=7) is the title of an earlier book of the author of this blog available now on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, which delves into the parallels of many of the great spiritual works. This book uses the words: "magnetic disturbance" on a nautical map together with the fact that there are seven major San Juan islands (with the three large ones forming a triangle as in Bermuda triangle) to bring about travel through time and space. The Stephens family is riding on a ferry in the San Juan Islands in Washington when a fog comes up and they are thrown back in time and space.

The three children each experience one of the forces of the spiritual Law of Three and the two parents experience the vibrations of the spiritual Law of Seven in a progression from one to seven. Some of the experiences are related to the past and future history of the San Juans, but, most importantly, each adventure helps to elucidate one of forces of the Law of Three or one of the vibrations of the Law of Seven. Eventually they are all reunited back on the ferry.

Summary of the esoteric principles which are uncovered:

New principles for civilization that can help us to survive our dangerous future.
A new astrology, created by Dylan Stephens, using Native American symbols and the Law of Seven (the Law of Seven was shown by G.I. Gurdjieff.)
Exploration of the Kabbalah as it relates to the Law of Seven and spiritual growth.
A new numerology incorporating the Law of Seven and the birth of Jesus as a predictor of the future.
Law of Seven numerology described in relation to the Tarot.
The enneagram star™ .
The workings of the spiritual Law of Three and Law of Seven.
The relationship of the Law of Three and the Law of Seven to many of the great spiritual works: The Twenty-third Psalm, The Lord's Prayer, the ten Beatitudes, Buddha's Eightfold Path, Hermes' Kybalion, the Essene Book of Moses, the Ten Commandments, and Genesis creation.
The relationship of the Law of Three and the Law of Seven to spiritual growth namely the growth of spirit and soul and to the merging with the Creator.

Monday, April 2, 2012

The Seven Sisters and the Apocalypse"

The author of this blog is proud to announce the publication of his second book:
"The Seven Sisters and the Apocalypse". (Available as an Amazon Kindle book.)http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif

Here is a description of this book:
With the Apocalypse slated for this year on December 21, you cannot be without this book. No other book has deciphered Revelation before. Though some have tried, they did not have access to the key to the mystery. This key is the Pesher of Christ™. Although this key reveals that Revelation is just a history of the Church and that all its so-called monsters like Beast 666 and the Great Whore and its angels and dragons are just certain individuals with pseudonyms or titles, the fact that many people will be expecting the end of the world will certainly cause something bad or good to happen.
This is the story of how Gwendolyn with the help of
six spiritually-connected sisters from around the world, representing the seven women who followed Jesus, and six spiritual brothers, representing the six direct apostles of Jesus, had the courage to face this Apocalypse. In this spiritual crusade, attempting to bring a peaceful outcome to the impending world crisis, they would bring spiritual growth within themselves and discover the Mystery of Revelation and the Mystery within the Mystery.
The final result of their actions is to set the foundation of a new paradigm that becomes our Revelation: all people as brothers and sisters unfettered by tired religious dogma, joined together with hearts and minds reflecting the purity and truth of our Being. This Being is the composite of male and female energy.
This book is has three layers
1. Biblical verses - all of Revelation and some other selections from the New Testament and the Nag Hammadi Books and Gurdjieff's books.
2. Commentary on these verses - by using the Pesher of Christ™.
3. Storyline - Illustrating the seven states of the Universal Law of Seven as it relates to the possible three bodies within us - Body, Spirit, and Soul and the Revelation of the Mystery.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Paulina's promise to her grandfather, Jesus

The author of this blog is proud to announce the publication of his book:
"Paulina's promise to her grandfather, Jesus". (Available as an Amazon Kindle book.)
Here is the description of the book:
It has been said that “the Bible is the greatest story ever told”, and yet with the breakdown of religion in these times, perhaps it is time to learn the truth about this story. This book “Paulina's promise to her grandfather, Jesus” uncovers the truth about Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Paul, and the early Christian Church. It is not another half-cocked book about Jesus going to India or Mary Magdalene sitting at Da Vinci’s Last Supper or of founding a Grail Dynasty. It is a well-documented and consistent, although alternative, history. It is hoped that the truth about Jesus will help to diffuse misguided religious fanaticism and for that reason be an even greater story!

We have only now begun to feel the impact of the Nag Hammadi Books and the Dead Sea Scrolls on our view of religion. These books were found when I was born and that was a mere sixty-five years ago. Books like Da Vinci Code and Holy Blood, Holy Grail are just the tip of the iceberg because there have never been facts that can explain it and prove all of the story. This book can.

Paulina is a real person who lived and is just as real as her mother Phoebe and father Paul, her grandfather Jesus, her grandmother Mary Magdalene, her great-grandfather Joseph, and her great-grandmothers Mother Mary and Salome-Martha.

People will say that this book threatens to turn Jesus into a mere person, but Christianity can survive this as it did in the Protestant Revolution. There will always be fanatics who cause religious wars in the name of God and violate the true principle of God of “turning the other cheek”. When the Protestants dared to demote Jesus from God to ‘Son of God’, there were years of bloodshed, but now both sides have learned to respect each other as Christians. In these times, the “moneychangers” of the Churches are beginning to understand that perhaps their churches have become empty because myths cannot stand up to science and common sense anymore.

Clearly, we are now moving to a new paradigm that requires respect for all religions and non-religions. Christianity can no longer have the exclusive hold to "Peter’s keys" as the only door to heaven, because heaven is open to all good people or rather I should say that heaven is all good people.

The solution to the vitalizing of Christianity is to go back to the roots of the early Christian Church. In those days, all were brothers and sisters who dealt with values of conscience between ones Self and God. It did not require Jesus or Paul or the Disciples or the clerics to be the only conduit to God. These early leaders taught by example and it is their personal mistakes and successes that are so much more valuable to us in this electronic age of personal empowerment.

Have you wondered why there must be a Second Coming? Even in 70 AD when Jesus was still alive, having survived the Crucifixion, he was still wishing to tear down the myth about his Resurrection. He begged his granddaughter Paulina to expose this lie. In her own loving words she describes the truths by using the contents of explicit first century references from historians, apocrypha, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and carefully translated passages from original Greek New Testament.
Her book, having been hidden in a cave by Paulina before her martyrdom by the Church leaders, was found by Bernadette of Lourdes and it has only now come to light. It is the spreading of this book to the world that will finally replace the feared Apocalypse with a true Revelation of true Revelation that will foster humanity’s desire for global conscience and consciousness.

Hope you find it illuminating,