Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Paulina's promise to her grandfather, Jesus

The author of this blog is proud to announce the publication of his book:
"Paulina's promise to her grandfather, Jesus". (Available as an Amazon Kindle book.)
Here is the description of the book:
It has been said that “the Bible is the greatest story ever told”, and yet with the breakdown of religion in these times, perhaps it is time to learn the truth about this story. This book “Paulina's promise to her grandfather, Jesus” uncovers the truth about Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Paul, and the early Christian Church. It is not another half-cocked book about Jesus going to India or Mary Magdalene sitting at Da Vinci’s Last Supper or of founding a Grail Dynasty. It is a well-documented and consistent, although alternative, history. It is hoped that the truth about Jesus will help to diffuse misguided religious fanaticism and for that reason be an even greater story!

We have only now begun to feel the impact of the Nag Hammadi Books and the Dead Sea Scrolls on our view of religion. These books were found when I was born and that was a mere sixty-five years ago. Books like Da Vinci Code and Holy Blood, Holy Grail are just the tip of the iceberg because there have never been facts that can explain it and prove all of the story. This book can.

Paulina is a real person who lived and is just as real as her mother Phoebe and father Paul, her grandfather Jesus, her grandmother Mary Magdalene, her great-grandfather Joseph, and her great-grandmothers Mother Mary and Salome-Martha.

People will say that this book threatens to turn Jesus into a mere person, but Christianity can survive this as it did in the Protestant Revolution. There will always be fanatics who cause religious wars in the name of God and violate the true principle of God of “turning the other cheek”. When the Protestants dared to demote Jesus from God to ‘Son of God’, there were years of bloodshed, but now both sides have learned to respect each other as Christians. In these times, the “moneychangers” of the Churches are beginning to understand that perhaps their churches have become empty because myths cannot stand up to science and common sense anymore.

Clearly, we are now moving to a new paradigm that requires respect for all religions and non-religions. Christianity can no longer have the exclusive hold to "Peter’s keys" as the only door to heaven, because heaven is open to all good people or rather I should say that heaven is all good people.

The solution to the vitalizing of Christianity is to go back to the roots of the early Christian Church. In those days, all were brothers and sisters who dealt with values of conscience between ones Self and God. It did not require Jesus or Paul or the Disciples or the clerics to be the only conduit to God. These early leaders taught by example and it is their personal mistakes and successes that are so much more valuable to us in this electronic age of personal empowerment.

Have you wondered why there must be a Second Coming? Even in 70 AD when Jesus was still alive, having survived the Crucifixion, he was still wishing to tear down the myth about his Resurrection. He begged his granddaughter Paulina to expose this lie. In her own loving words she describes the truths by using the contents of explicit first century references from historians, apocrypha, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and carefully translated passages from original Greek New Testament.
Her book, having been hidden in a cave by Paulina before her martyrdom by the Church leaders, was found by Bernadette of Lourdes and it has only now come to light. It is the spreading of this book to the world that will finally replace the feared Apocalypse with a true Revelation of true Revelation that will foster humanity’s desire for global conscience and consciousness.

Hope you find it illuminating,

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