Tuesday, January 27, 2009

In the company of Archangels

On a wintry day on Block Island off the coast of Rhode Island, the smallest state United States, I walked through the woods to the ocean. I proceeded to work out an elaborate proof of how angels exist, but I have long since lost those writings. I do remember that I saw a white deer that day. So here goes.

There are three forces in the universe: negative, positive, and neutralizing.

For an example: in an argument there is one side (negative) and there is the other side (positive) and finally there is the middle ground. If three forces cannot be seen in everything then the whole unit is not seen. For instance the Son and the Father cannot exist without the Holy Spirit. Atoms require electrons, protons, and neutrons.

Human beings follow the same rule for they are made up of three centers: body, emotion, and thought.

The new age phrase “body, mind, and spirit” is unfortunate for although it defines a growth from body and mind to spirit, it incorrectly implies that spirit is located above the mind when in fact spirit comes from emotion which is centered in the heart as is the spirit. Better still would be to say: body, spirit, and soul because spirit is centered in the heart and soul in the mind.

The creation of spirit is described in “turn the other cheek”:

Body: you punch me - the “fight or flight” reaction of the body (negative force) wants to react with the base feeling of anger. (The Cross)

Mind: I take the punch - the mind (positive force) tells the body not to react. It favors impartiality. (“Forgive them for they do not know what they do.”)

Spirit: with base feelings suppressed, the mind and the body are balanced and emotions of love arise and feed the spirit body whose center of gravity in the heart. (I am the resurrection and the life)

Spirit is centered in the heart, feeling like the glowing heart in a painting of Jesus. The spirit is the neutralizing force between the active thought of the brain and the negative (mindless) activity of the body. Spirit is the part of you that joins in the essence force of the planet Earth and can connect with other spirits in the past and the future. Spirit can live after death and be reborn. It is the astral body which looks down on you at death or when astral traveling. The spirit can walk with angels. Though spirit is of the emotions, it is not to be confused with the lower base feelings of anger, alcohol, drugs, or sex without love. There has to be a transmutation, as the alchemists say, from feelings to emotion to spirit.

The pains and feelings of the body can often obscure the light of spirit and a person with a spirit can sometimes act with base feelings. However, this will quickly pass with remorse because the person still has his/her center of gravity in spirit. (It is the ability to see both sides of a dispute.) A person without a spirit may believe that he/she has a spirit due to the influence of sex, alcohol, and drugs, but it is not lasting and soon forgotten. (Try remembering next time the spirit world presents itself and see that the growth of spirit is worth more.)

Unfortunately, many people confuse spirit with soul and just call a soul some automatic life force that creates more people. Such a soul is merely DNA. A true soul is built of the elements of God. It is rare because it first requires the presence of a spirit and then the sublimation of it. It is at this point of sublimation of spirit that those who have a spirit lose their way for by sublimating the spirit, they forget that spirit is higher than body. Clearly, the sublimating of body to God, serves no purpose. These formulas cannot be followed out of order.

The creation of soul is as follows:

Spirit: The sublimation of a fully developed spirit as negative force (kneeling before God).

God: the positive force of God (the image of God held in our thought). (The burning bush of Moses.)

Soul: the recognition in one's mind that the wonderful ecstasy of Spirit is bound to this planet and that service to God is to be in the company of archangels.

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