Monday, April 2, 2012

The Seven Sisters and the Apocalypse"

The author of this blog is proud to announce the publication of his second book:
"The Seven Sisters and the Apocalypse". (Available as an Amazon Kindle book.)

Here is a description of this book:
With the Apocalypse slated for this year on December 21, you cannot be without this book. No other book has deciphered Revelation before. Though some have tried, they did not have access to the key to the mystery. This key is the Pesher of Christ™. Although this key reveals that Revelation is just a history of the Church and that all its so-called monsters like Beast 666 and the Great Whore and its angels and dragons are just certain individuals with pseudonyms or titles, the fact that many people will be expecting the end of the world will certainly cause something bad or good to happen.
This is the story of how Gwendolyn with the help of
six spiritually-connected sisters from around the world, representing the seven women who followed Jesus, and six spiritual brothers, representing the six direct apostles of Jesus, had the courage to face this Apocalypse. In this spiritual crusade, attempting to bring a peaceful outcome to the impending world crisis, they would bring spiritual growth within themselves and discover the Mystery of Revelation and the Mystery within the Mystery.
The final result of their actions is to set the foundation of a new paradigm that becomes our Revelation: all people as brothers and sisters unfettered by tired religious dogma, joined together with hearts and minds reflecting the purity and truth of our Being. This Being is the composite of male and female energy.
This book is has three layers
1. Biblical verses - all of Revelation and some other selections from the New Testament and the Nag Hammadi Books and Gurdjieff's books.
2. Commentary on these verses - by using the Pesher of Christ™.
3. Storyline - Illustrating the seven states of the Universal Law of Seven as it relates to the possible three bodies within us - Body, Spirit, and Soul and the Revelation of the Mystery.

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