Thursday, November 22, 2012

King Arthur Flour

"Google has gone mad", I shout.

I type in King Arthur and there are pages and pages of King Arthur Flour. I see that the King Arthur Flour company has paid for placement at the top of the search, but clearly they are also paying a placement expert to load pages and pages of King Arthur Flour and Google is obviously favoring them, also, to make more money.

Now I ask you, King Arthur Flour Company, "How many people type in King Arthur and are overjoyed to find King Arthur Flour?" In all my research on King Arthur, I did not find one connection with King Arthur and flour.

How sad it is for the King Arthur legend to be reduced to flour! The commercializing of the internet has succeeded! People believe that they can get rich quick by collecting pennies in return for stuffing commercials down our throats. All information is fast becoming overlaid and surrounded and obscured by empty commercials.

So let us make some Gingerbread Cookies in the shape of King Arthur and set them out on a Round Table and say goodbye to King Arthur, buried by Google in a pile of white flour, to be eventually blown to the wind.

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Sorry for my ads there, but at least it is not King Arthur Flour, but real information on King Arthur.

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