Monday, July 8, 2013

dylanesque, A new music genre?

The Urban dictionary defines "dylanesque" as having the qualities of Bob Dylan. Well, to that I could add to that two other Dylans: the poet Dylan Thomas and me. There is an album out called Dylanesque, but it occurred to me that it was a perfect name for my music genre.

All these years I have had to check the box "folk rock", but there is no "folk" in my songs and as to "rock" what does that mean anymore? Kurt Cobain and the other Seattle groups were not "punk" and the term "alternative" is just a general term for "who knows what you are" so suddenly, and no one knows for sure how, they started to call themselves "grunge" and the rest is history.

As to being Dylan Stephens, I used to be in the top 10 on a search, but no more. There is a body builder, androgyne, and probably even a female, and a person in a sheepskin coat from the 60's - oh that is me! Anyway, I am a Dylan and being named after Dylan Thomas the poet, not Bob Dylan because I am too old, I have a legal right to have a music genre: "dylanesque". I am hoping that it will stick and defeat the mainstream as "grunge" once did. Wish me luck.

My channel is "oldiesbutdillies". These YouTube creations represent my best songs, which were so unique and good that the mainstream ignored them, and you could say that they are 'oldies' from this Dylan and thus 'dillies' - get-it! These illustrated songs are also a new art form in themselves. Thanks for listening and watching.

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