Sunday, March 16, 2014

God is Fun

The article by David Graeber in The Baffler Titled What’s the Point If We Can’t Have Fun? got me to thinking. To paraphrase its premise: fun appears to be innate in organic life and inorganic life and may actually explain the creation of more complex organisms and of the universe itself.

So I thought that one could take it a step further and say God is Fun. Far better than the God that judges and punishes. However, fun clearly must have ethical restrictions. (Perhaps ethics are innate also. We all knew the Golden Rule before Buddha and Jesus.)

Then I thought how Gurdjieff's division of man/woman into Body. Emotions, and Mind has significance here: where Body is passive, Mind active and Emotion neutralizing and that these three forces Passive, Active, Neutralizing are the building blocks of everything, including inorganic matter. Therefore the fun part is the reconciliation of the two opposites: passive and active and that this process creates something higher as one 'do' note passes to the higher 'do' in the enneagram.

I have been wrestling with Gurdjieff's apparent mistake in the Food Octave and I believe that I have resolved it. The Food Octave is a perfect representation of how person with just a physical body could grow a Spirit (Astral Body) and a Soul.

So I say, "Down with Darwin's survival of the fittest and down with the atheists, God is Fun because God is the neutralizing force that balances depression and elation and makes us happy."

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